At the center of the Highlands Latin Cottage School program is Memoria Press’ Classical Core Curriculum. The curriculum focuses on the cultivation of wisdom and virtue through meditation on the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. This is accomplished in two ways: first, through training in the liberal arts; and secondly, through a familiarity with the great books and the great thinkers of the Western tradition. This curriculum is constructed with two central ideas in mind: mastery and simplicity.

Mastery of content is the goal of every program within the Classical Core Curriculum. Students are guided through the material in a way that emphasizes mastering a concept before moving on to a new one. The ability to immediately recall information and explain ideas is the end-goal of each program within the Classical Core Curriculum.

Simplicity is central to the design of each program. Rather than building the curricula full of extras and dress-ups, Memoria Press provides a robust, thorough, and focused exploration of each subject as it is studied. The purpose is to present a product that is highly accessible and effectively taught.

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