Enrollment Fee

$125 first child

$100 second child

$75 third child

$50 each additional child

Nonrefundable fee per student to secure classroom spot.

For applications received after May 15, the fee increases by $25 per student.

Tuition – Core Academic Day

Kindergarten-2nd grade

$1700/full day

Upper Grade Latin


Upper Grade Classical Studies


Upper Grade Literature


Upper Grade Composition


Tuition – Enrichment Day

*Enrichment day is optional, but students must be enrolled in at least one Core Academic Day class to participate in Enrichment Day

K-2 Enrichment Day


AM Classes- Art, Music, P.E.

AM Only- $600

PM Classes- Geography, Science Experiments, Math Games/Enrchment Activities

PM Only- $600

Grades 3-6 Enrichment Day


AM Courses –  Art/Computer Science, Music, P.E.

AM only- $600

PM Courses –  Christian Studies, Math, Science (Academic courses using Memoria Press Curriculum)

Individual academic classes (Christian Studies, Math, Science) may be taken for $250 per class or one study hall may be taken for $50 in place of one academic class.