Full Day Options:

Primary Grades

Jr. Kindergarten-2nd Grade  
Our Primary Classes meet with a lead teacher from 8:20-3:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  There are no partial-day options for Jr. Kindergarten-2nd, but Fridays are optional.

Grade:2-Days (Tuesday/
2 1/2 days (Includes Friday
Elective 1/2 Day)
Jr. Kindergarten$2250$2800
1st Grade$2850$3400
2nd Grade$2850$3400

*Uniforms and books are purchased separately in addition to tuition costs.

Grammar and Logic Grades

3rd-8th Grade
Our 3rd-8th Grade Grammar Courses meet Tuesdays and Thursdays for 55 minutes each.  A few afternoon courses meet once a week, and 7th-8th Grade Cores I and II meet for an extended time both days.  Students may choose individual subjects (with the exception of Core I and II) but must attend class both days.  Friday Elective Day is optional.

Grade:2-Days (Tuesday/
2 1/2 days (Includes Friday
Elective 1/2 Day)
3rd-4th Grade$3150$3800
5th-6th Grade$3250$3900
7th-8th Grade$3250$3900

*Uniforms and books are purchased separately in addition to tuition costs.

Individual Course Options:

3rd-8th Grade Individual Course Option
Grammar and Logic students may take individual courses with HLC.  Core I and Core II for 7th and 8th grade must be taken as a whole block and cannot be separated.  If you choose this option, the following fee schedule will apply:

3rd-6th GradeYearly Tuition Amount:
2-Day per week courses (Latin, History, Composition & Grammar, Literature, Math)$500
1-Day per week courses (Science, Geography, Christian Studies, Music)$275
7th-8th GradeYearly Tuition Amount:
Core I or Core II–includes Literature, History, and Theology (Tues./Thurs.)$1100
2-Days per week courses (Latin, Composition, Math, Science)$500
1-Day per week courses (Geography/Logic, Music)

All Grades

Individual Friday Electives

Friday Electives allow our HLC students to have an additional day to pursue interests and creativity.  Students must be enrolled in Tuesday/Thursday courses in order to participate. Although it’s more cost-effective to take all 4 electives on Fridays, students may choose to elect individual classes.  There is a tuition charge per class, and the total would be added on to your students’ 2-Day tuition charge or other individual course charges.

Elective Tuition per class (charge for 3 or fewer classes)

Other Fees

Application Fee (for new students only…paid at the time of application)$50 per student
Enrollment Fee (all students pay upon enrollment each year)$150 for an individual student; $250 for a family enrolling 2 or more students
Books & CurriculumPurchased on own through the direction of HLC admissions. Booklists will be provided in early April.
UniformsAvailable for purchase through HLC

*Uniforms and books for all individual courses are purchased separately in addition to tuition costs.